Yet Another Attempt to Watch Candy Candy Anime

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I finally decided to watch the anime adaptation of Candy Candy. I thought it’s about time. I have put off watching it long enough. Thanks to my tendency to want to know the ending of a story. I have this bad habit of watching/reading the last episode/chapter first. And Candy Candy is no exception; I did exactly that with the anime. That kinda ruined it for me, killing my desire to continue watching it.

Yep. I won’t lie. I hate the ending. It’s such a disappointment. It could’ve been better, if the production team had stuck to the manga, instead of creating their own storyline.

So why do I even bother with the anime at all now, knowing that the ending sucks?

Good question.

Partly it’s about satisfying my curiosity. From what I know, there are some scenes that can’t be found in the manga, and some of those scenes seem to be worthy enough to be watched. Partly it’s also about completing an unfinished task, checking the box kinda thing. As a self declared avid fan of the series, the original version that is, I feel obligated to do this. I feel I haven’t completed my due as a fan if I don’t do this.

In reality, as a kid I was introduced to Candy Candy anime long before I even knew about the existence of the manga. But at that time, only a limited number of episodes were available, and the last episode I watched was the one where Candy is about to be sent off to Mexico.

It was only later after I graduated from high school I found out about the manga adaptation, which turned out to be the original version of the story that the anime is based on. I purchased the manga and read all nine volumes. However, the ending left me cringing in disbelief. I was utterly dissatisfied. How can it end like that?

Fast forward to several years… Well, more than just several years. As I grew frustrated with the slow pace of romance in Glass Mask (Garasu no Kamen) yet at the same time became fascinated with the age gap trope in the series, I retrieved my old Candy Candy manga from my dusty shelf and did a marathon re-reading. I was immediately struck by a ‘duh’ moment when I finally caught the underlying nuanced love story, which I didn’t notice before, the subtle romance between Candy and her ‘prince.’ From that point on the rest is history, I pledged myself to the fandom, joining various groups and writing fanfictions.

However, lately, my interest for the series seems to sputter off. I need a recharge. Hopefully, watching the anime can help boost my interest level. I do plan to jot some of my thoughts and insights from each episode here, and perhaps I will even compare it to how the scene plays out in the manga.

Planning the activity is the easy part. The more difficult part is the implementation. This requires a commitment, a great deal of commitment. Can I accomplish this? I don’t know. But I’ll try. 115 episodes are a lot of episodes to swallow, so this may take a long time to do. But so what? I want to do it, and I will. Well, at least the thought is there. Wish me luck. 😉


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