Candy Candy Episode 2: “Take off! Adventuring Together!”

I’m still motivated to continue watching the anime. But I have to say that episode 2 isn’t as moving as the first one – I was mostly annoyed with Candy to be able to enjoy the show.

The episode focuses on the friendship between Candy and Annie.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_002_[A407EF0E]_Jun 25, 2013 10.07.58 PMNoticing Annie’s gloominess, Candy takes Annie to sneak out of the orphanage and go on a picnic.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_002_[A407EF0E]_Jun 25, 2013 10.10.02 PMThey somehow get into trouble, falling into the river, swept away by strong current.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_002_[A407EF0E]_Jun 25, 2013 10.11.24 PMLuckily they are rescued by Mr. Brighton. He then takes them to his villa in the woods and treats them like the guests of honor.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_002_[A407EF0E]_Jun 25, 2013 10.15.17 PMAnnie suggests to Candy that they should try to get adopted by Mr. Brighton. Candy is not happy with Annie’s suggestion. They end up fighting, and Candy runs away from there.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_002_[A407EF0E]_Jun 25, 2013 10.17.57 PMCandy returns to the orphanage and looks for John who has gone missing. She finds him sleeping on top of a tree.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_002_[A407EF0E]_Jun 25, 2013 10.19.55 PMAt night, Annie doesn’t return to the orphanage. Candy is very upset and expresses her dislike openly to Ms. Pony and Sister Lane when they’re talking about the possibility of Annie being adopted by Mr. Brighton. Side note: Candy’s ‘sinister’ look is particularly terrifying 😀

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_002_[A407EF0E]_Jun 25, 2013 10.23.18 PMMiserable to be separated from Candy, Annie returns to the orphanage in the morning. And she tells Candy that she doesn’t want to be adopted anymore. Candy is happy to hear that.

My thoughts:

This episode is filled with scenes that are not in the manga, and these scenes somehow answer questions that are left by the manga, which makes the story flows better in the anime. Now we know that Mr. Brighton has seen Annie first before he comes to the orphanage to adopt her. This episode also shows how deep Candy and Annie’s friendship is. They are completely unhappy when they are far away from each other.

I do feel that Candy in the anime is a bit selfish, especially in this episode. I know that she doesn’t want to show her weakness or rely on others. But Annie is her friend. Candy should have been more considerate and not only think about what she wants. And insisting to live in the orphanage for the rest of her life is a bleak wish (not to mention foolish), though it may sound touching in the beginning. I’m not sure why Candy is so attached to the orphanage. It maybe because of her naive way of thinking. Compared to Annie, it’s obvious Candy is rather immature.

One major deviation from the manga that I picked right away is the age. In the manga, Candy and Annie are only six when the Brightons come and adopt Annie. This is interesting. So it looks like Candy is older when she meets her prince in the anime. If that’s the case, does that mean that the age difference between Candy and the prince (Albert) is closer than in the manga?


10 thoughts on “Candy Candy Episode 2: “Take off! Adventuring Together!”

  1. oh yes! Candy and Annie’s age is a lot different in the anime than in the manga, pero I prefer it there tbh, I think it makes more sense. About Candy being selfish, well I think its part of the age and partly because Candy’s confidence shows she doesnt think she needs parents when she has Pny’s home, however Annie doesnt think so. I liked the episode for the notourious love between those two friends but also how their differences start to show more.

    • You brought up a good point about their differences. Annie and Candy are different in a lot of things. However, I don’t think Annie is that different compared to the other kids from the orphanage. Candy is the odd one here. All the kids seem to dream to be adopted into a nice family but not Candy. Why do you think that’s the case? It seems there’s something that causes her to be like this. What is she afraid of? Yes, I think her behavior seems to conceal her true feelings, whichever they are.

  2. i believe Candy doesnt want adoption becsuse she is a free spirited child who wants nothing to tie her down, deemed rebellious in a way, but apparently someone true to her self, which is similar to Albert and Terry who followed their heart to pursue their passion or interest rather than society’s norms.

    It is people who dont follow conventions that intrigue us, isn’t is?

    Annie to me is more typical (less appealing in this way) character but is whom many may like (eg Brightons) cos she’s obedient and “normal”.

    • I agree with you. To some extent, she is a free spirited girl, especially compared to the other kids – yet I don’t believe she’s as rebellious as Terry or Albert. And this still doesn’t explain her attachment to the orphanage. If she’s truly free spirited and rebellious in nature, then she would be more inclined to leave the orphanage and explore the world on her own – sort of like Judy Abbott from “Daddy Long Legs”. Then again, Judy isn’t particularly fond of the orphanage, unlike Candy. Maybe Candy just doesn’t know what she wants yet, just like most kids her age who are still searching for their identity. She is after all a ten year old girl.

      • I don’t think one should search to much behind Candy’s attachment to the orphanage. She grew up very happily there and was surrounded with love, especially from Ms Pony and Sister Lane. Candy is not a person to get very attached to worldly possesions. As long as she has her loved ones, she is happy. That also explains why she is so happy with Albert in a simple house (magnolia house) instead of living at the mansion.
        In the end the orphanage is her home, the only real home she knows and she is always welcomed there with a lot of love.
        She and Anny perceive things very differently because they are quit different characters. In fact Annie is the opposite of Candy.
        You are absoluty right, between all of the children of the orphanage, Candy is the odd one here. that’s probably what makes her so special and draws everyone to her.

        • Hi Ckati, I’m so glad that you decided to join the discussion. I know huh? Why should we bother with that trivial matter. I guess you can call that dissecting an episode down to the bare bone. 😉 Yes, I agree. Candy is a people driven person. She doesn’t care much about material possessions and doesn’t measure success with performance. She sees things at face value. In other words, she is very naive and simple minded, which is the complete opposite of Annie. And this trait of her will be carried through all her life as we can see later.
          Anyway… I agree with you we should move on to other more interesting thing to pick at. The next episode is when Annie leaves, so that maybe interesting. 😀

  3. It’s sad they never got to explain how Candy ended up in orphanage, but I’m re-watching this anime again for fun

    • I guess we’d never know that, unless Mizuki writes a prequel or some sort. But TBH, I’m fine with how it is. That part is not relevant to the storyline in the manga. I agree with you. Watching the anime gives a totally different feel. So far I’m enjoying it.

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