Candy Candy Episode 1: “A Pretty Lasso-Wielding Girl”

So I did it. I watched the first episode. And it’s not bad at all. Now I remember why I had been so taken by the series even right from the very beginning.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_001_[B6B304BD]_Jun 24, 2013 10.06.39 PMPony’s home orphanage during winter. This is where the story begins.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_001_[B6B304BD]_Jun 24, 2013 10.08.46 PMOutside the orphanage with the snow still falling, Sister Lane and Miss Pony find baby Annie and baby Candy tucked in bassinets, after hearing their loud cries.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_001_[B6B304BD]_Jun 24, 2013 10.11.04 PMFast forward six year. The kids at the orphanage have all grown up. Candy, appearing to be stronger one compared to Annie, is very protective of her friend. And here she shows her skill at wielding a lasso to capture Tom.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_001_[B6B304BD]_Jun 24, 2013 10.13.06 PMDespite her tomboyish nature, Candy has a soft heart. Miss Pony can’t stay mad at Candy after hearing her frank explanation of one of her antics involving ducklings.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_001_[B6B304BD]_Jun 24, 2013 10.23.54 PMCandy and Annie celebrate their “birthday” together, and Candy reveals to the other kids from the orphanage about her and Annie being found outside the orphanage.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_001_[B6B304BD]_Jun 24, 2013 10.29.52 PMTom is being adopted by a wealthy farmer, and Candy is sad. When Tom is scolded by his adoptive father, Candy comes to Tom’s defense and persuades him not to leave.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_001_[B6B304BD]_Jun 24, 2013 10.32.32 PMCandy and Annie run to bid farewell to Tom, after learning about Tom being the one who first saw them crying outside the orphanage when they were babies and alerted Sister Lane and Miss Pony.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_001_[B6B304BD]_Jun 24, 2013 10.33.29 PMThe episode closes in a somber tone with a narration that hints to an imminent separation between the two best friends.

My thoughts:

This episode is about growing up in an orphanage. Candy, Annie, Tom, and the other kids are all orphans. But unlike the rest of her friends, Candy is not interested to leave the orphanage. She convinces Annie that leaving the orphanage is not a good thing. Being the weaker in character, Annie seems to let Candy lead her around. But later on, Annie’s true feelings start to show; she really does wish to be adopted.

From the first episode, it’s clear that Candy is not going to be the typical damsel-in-distress type heroine. She doesn’t cry often and will do anything to protect the people she cares about, like Annie and even Tom. Candy also has a different perspective about life compared to her peers. She likes to be independent, and this is probably why she seems to detest adoption.

After only watching the first episode, I have to say that the anime is quite different from the manga. I won’t compare it scene by scene but I will try to highlight some notable differences.

In the manga it appears to be spring time when baby Candy and baby Annie are found as opposed to winter in the anime. The anime delves deeper into the life in the orphanage, depicting the interaction between the kids there, which imparts a more realistic feel. Because of this, I do enjoy the anime a bit more than the manga.The manga is very brief – too brief – focusing mostly in the friendship between Annie and Candy.

Moving on to the mechanics. I’m not going to bother to talk about the quality of the anime. Considering that this was made eons ago, it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to the current standards. But I have to mention about the music. I really like it. The catchy tune will haunt me for a while – I’m sure of that as it had done that to me in the past.

All in all it is a good introduction episode. I enjoyed it and look forward to watch the next episode.

[Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_001_[B6B304BD]_Jun 24, 2013 10.33.03 PMNot found in the manga: Clin the white racoon, Annie’s pet.

One random question: How could those girls play in the snow wearing skirts?


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