Update: Ninety Days Chapter 20+ Teaser

CAcover-NDflowerMy hiatus is officially going to start tomorrow at midnight. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that I will be able to post a new update of Ninety Days. But I assure you that I have no plan to abandon the story. I’m still optimistic that I’ll be able to finish the series by end of summer. If not, for sure by end of this year. 😉

In the mean time, here is a small teaser for the next chapters to whet your appetite while waiting for the new installment. I will do my best to post a new installment as soon as I’m back from my hiatus.

Thank you again for following the series. You’re all the best!

I do need to warn you before you proceed – this contains major SPOILER for the next chapters. So if you don’t like spoilers, don’t proceed. Otherwise, please enjoy 🙂


“So now I know where you have been hiding all this time, Mr. Andrew. You were preparing all these.”

“Candy – please, I’m serious.”

“But this is so sudden, I don’t know what to say… ”

“Please stop me from doing something really stupid now.”

“You’ve done nothing stupid.”


“Good morning!”

“Albert – you’re… You’re my prince?”

“I guess you can say that, my princess.”

“All this time, my prince has been with me… All this time… It has been you all along… ”

“I will give you another rose the day after you become Mrs. Andrew.”

“Is this an arranged marriage? Because if it is, I think you should try to get out of it now. To take advantage of you like that, that’s just unheard of!”

“Candy – I think you owe Patty and me a big explanation.”

“It’s a very long story.”

“That’s fine. We’re not going anywhere anyway.”

“Candy – what are you doing here at this time? Don’t tell me that you’re planning to runaway from your own wedding and ditch your poor fiance at the altar.”

“Then you sent me to London where I met Patty and reunited with Stear, Archie, Annie, Neil, Eliza, and I also met… ”


“Are you suggesting that perhaps we should elope now, my lady?”


“Aunt – is this some kind of sick joke. How can you let this happen? Where’ s Candy? I need to talk to her.”

“Archibald – please lower down your voice.”

“Happy birthday, Candy.”


“Go ahead – make a wish.”

“But my wish has come true…”

“Then make another wish.”


As always, please stay tuned.



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