Sneak Peek: Chasing William Andrew

Candice White is shocked that her boss has just given her an ultimatum. If she couldn’t complete her new assignment, she could kiss her job goodbye. And her new assignment is to write an article to be published in the upcoming anniversary edition of Intrigue. But it cannot be just any article – it specifically has to be about the real man behind the mysterious magnate, William Andrew, who has never shown his face in public.

She could care less about this old tycoon when her eyes are firmly set on the dashingly gorgeous Terrence Grandchester, an actor extraordinaire. The only reason she has joined to work at Intrigue is so that she can be a step closer to the dark haired actor, not to pursue some pompous businessman. But a job is a job, and since her life depends on it, she will do whatever it takes to accomplish this mission, and by the time she is done with her assignment, everyone in this whole country will know who William Andrew is – she will make sure of that.

And what can be a better way to jump start her investigation than by crashing a party at the Andrews’ Mansion? Unfortunately, she was never trained to be a professional trespasser or a spy, so she ends up losing her way in the vast estate, and her impetuous thinking has put her in a near-drowning accident. Thank goodness for the charming, blond-haired, blue-eyed man, Albert, who has appeared out of nowhere to save her.

Much to her very pleasant surprise, the day after the party, she receives a personal invitation from William Andrew himself to a private event hosted by him in the Modern Art Museum, but instead of meeting the enigmatic host, she meets three good looking men who claim to be his nephews. And when she clumsily runs right into the arms of a handsome man, who turns out to be no other than her idol, Terrence Grandchester, she knows then, from that day forward, her life is only going to become more interesting.

So what do you think?

Note: I might change the title later.


8 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Chasing William Andrew

  1. promised to be another great story Beauty! Keep the title…lol. It connotes great adventure to come for Candy and Albert! Can’t wait for the complete story to be posted!

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