Update: Ninety Days Chapter 10+ Teaser

I hope you find the newest chapter of Ninety Days, Taming Desire, to your liking. As I mentioned in the author’s note, this chapter is a transitional chapter as the story is going to enter a different phase soon. Some of you might find that the pace has slowed down somewhat – this is not true. If you notice, the last 4 chapters actually takes place within the same weekend, and if you see it from that perspective, you can tell that a lot has changed in their relationship. So we’re moving along just fine. As for the next chapter,  I’m targeting to have it ready by the end of this month.

That being said, here is the newest teaser, covering all the way to the final chapter in the story.  Enjoy 🙂



Who is that guy?”

“My worst nightmare.”

“I mean the only men whom I have interacted so far is either you or…”

“The handsome man who has been living with you….”

“Candy – are you really going to let him walk away from you just like that?”

“What else can I do? He has recovered his memory…”

“Good morning, aunt. I apologize for interrupting you – but can we talk now?”

“I see that you’re doing very well, William. How was your trip?”

“Is this a clever maneuver to get me to return earlier before the ninety days that we have agreed upon?”

“I would have supported your decision 100% if not for the potential catastrophic outcome.”

“Catastrophic outcome? I’m sorry aunt – I didn’t quite follow you…”

“You – I’m impressed, William, very impressed. You’ve played your role, the shrewd and cunning businessman, to perfection. Your father would be very proud of you.”

”Here – this is something I’ve picked out for you. I hope you like it.”

“What’s this? Is this for me?”

“Where are we going?”

“Terry… ”

“I see that you still haven’t lost even a single dot of your freckles, Miss Freckles.”

“And you haven’t lost even a single ounce of your haughtiness, Mr. Grandchester.”

“If there were no Susanna, do you think we would be together now?”

“Is this an arranged marriage? Because if it is, I think you should try to get out of it now. To take advantage of you like that, that’s just unheard of!”

“Candy – I think you owe Patty and me a big explanation.”

“It’s a very long story.”

“That’s fine. We’re not going anywhere anyway.”

“Then you sent me to London where I met Patty and reunited with Stear, Archie, Annie, Neil, Eliza, and I also met… ”


“Aunt – Is this some kind of sick joke. How can you let this happen? Where’ s Candy? I need to talk to her.”

“Heavens Archibald – please lower down your voice.”

“Happy birthday, Candy.”


“Go ahead – make a wish.”

“But my wish has come true…”

“Then make another wish.”


The coloring work of the manga image was done by Leti Q, and I thank her for letting me share it here.


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